Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ahoy, matey! I thought I would give you a rundown of what I've been watching on the Tee-Vee lately, since all I can afford to do these days is go to Gay-A meetings and the gym, I've been following a few shows almost every week.

As far as regular series, I am bucking the trend and still enjoying Heroes pretty regularly. Last season was pretty dismal, what with the Mexican chick with the eyes that bled tar and the way they totally screwed up the blond chick with multiple personality disorder so badly they are now on their third version of the same character, and she sucks every time. But I think they've managed to jettison the worst of what ailed the show and I look forward to it every Monday.

I'm also watching Brothers and Sisters and Desperate Housewives on Sundays the last couple of months. I'm enjoying the former more and just end up watching Housewives as I eat and wait for the other show.

I'm also liking this season of Top Chef, although I'm not nearly as emotionally invested as I was the first two seasons. I have to say that if someone at Food Network hasn't already figured it out, they need to find some way to get a series or some sort of commitment from chef-testant Fabio. If they haven't realized he is a star in the making they are just not very bright.

UPDATE: Here's what "they" are saying about Fabio's television prospects.

I'm also still completely riveted by the A&E show Intervention. There was a heartbreaking rerun a couple of weeks ago with Lawrence, a poor man from Las Vegas who literally drank himself to death. I am always fascinated by the lengths that people will go to in order to justify their actions or cover up their deep-seated paralyzing fear. But maybe I'm just projecting. A&E has many episodes available of Intervention to watch via their web site.

On a lighter note, Cartoon Network is running regular episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. It's a team-up show featuring Bats and various DC Comic characters. The series takes lots of liberties particularly with Batman's co-stars, changing their ages as well as personalities and powers, but it's a lot of fun, entertainingly written and the animation is pretty freakin' good. I also end up watching The Avengers and The Incredible Hulk on the CN, although it seems they only made about 8 episodes of the Avengers and repeat them ad infinitum.

I'm also still enjoying the occasional episode of Little People, Big World and I watched the audition episodes of American Idol, but now that the freak show is over and they are actually competing, I find that I watch about 10 seconds of a song and then fast forward through, I check to see if Paula Abdul is drunk yet and then lose interest.

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