Friday, February 27, 2009

More On Sen. ( I Hope You Get AIDS) Schultheis

Since the Rocky Mountain News is about to fold I thought I would post this YouTube clip from Keith Olbermann's show naming Senator Suckbag as runner-up to the worst person in the world. Just on the odd chance that someone would come along and not believe that an American elected representative could be so utterly heinous in the year 2009.

Also, here's a copy of what I sent to Sen. Shithead last night. Not particularly eloquent but it made me feel better:]

Dear Senator,
I read with dismay the comments attributed to you regarding the debate over voting for a bill requiring HIV testing for Colorado pregnant women. Here is my published response:

(Blog post below)

May I also add, Senator, that I am appalled that you would go on the record as advocating that American children, who I presume are born innocent in God's eyes if not yours, be consigned to a life of HIV and AIDS just to satisfy and justify some moral retribution that you believe should be heaped upon it's mother. Shame on you! I pray you will never have to look back on this hate-filled, mean-spirited attempt at "moral legislation" when you one day have to deal with some sort of "punishment from God" that will surely befall someone you love. But I doubt you will ever be intelligent or sensitive enough to appreciate that irony.
If I wasn't so sure you were just a complete and total misguided, pitiful and stupid idiot, I would be considerably more angry than I am.
Tom T######

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