Monday, November 10, 2008

The View Gets It Horribly Wrong

If you're wondering how Proposition Hate managed to pass in California, one can get a big fat clue sandwich watching this exchange last week between the ladies on The View.

Ostensibly, Barbara Walters seems to begin the discussion by presenting the religious and moral objections to gay marriage. That religious groups could be sued for refusing to perform same-sex marriages and that same-sex marriage would be "taught" in school. Walters does manage to offhandedly and in her increasingly befuddled manner state that she is trying to present the Prop Hater's argument, but that point is lost and everything that follows seems to be statements of fact rather than lies, which is what they are.

Churches would be under no obligation to perform same-sex marriages, just as the Catholic church can and does refuse to marry divorced people right now. There was nothing in the Supreme Court's decision to allow same-sex marriages that even remotely suggested this would change. That was a lie.

Same-sex marriage would not be taught in school. Why would it? Think back to your own substandard American education. When did you take a marriage course or a marriage class? When did you have a marriage lesson or learn about the history of marriage? Would that be Social Studies or Home Economics? Why would our schools suddenly begin "teaching" about same-sex marriage? They don't "teach" marriage, period. That was a lie.

Then Barbara jumps back in to repeat another lie, this time that religious figures could be jailed for preaching against homosexuality. Of course, this makes Miss Sherri "The World is Flat" Shepherd's head almost twist off. After reinforcing this load of crap Shepherd has the nerve to pull out that "I have gay friends" bullshit line and talk about "Uncle Tommy and Uncle Jimmy". And how she struggles with this issue. The same way she struggled with voting for Obama or McCain up until last week, only to have to sit and watch her weep and "thank tha lawd" the morning after the election. If Sherri Shepherd wasn't so unbelievably stupid I would be furious. But again, the right to a same-sex marriage and a preacher using their pulpit to spread bigotry and hate and denounce gay people are two completely unrelated issues. Nothing in the Supreme Court's decision to allow same-sex marriage had anything remotely in it suggesting that would change. Yet another outrageous lie.

This all apparently brought down the wrath of both GLADD and Her Highness St. Ellen, because today's show led with more gay marriage debate and Whoopi attempting to set out some facts. I won't even re-cap how ridiculously asinine Sherri Shepherd sounded yet again, saying she needed more information, not those bothersome laws and facts, before she could have an opinion, any opinion beyond what her Bible studies tell her. Newsflash there Sherri, those of us who don't believe in the Bible as anything other than a book are not in the least bit interested in whether or not your religious beliefs should become our laws. And you're fat.

What totally put me over the top was when the borderline senile Barbara Walters closed the first segment by bringing up the amendment that, according to Walters the state of Nebraska passed, that prevents gay people from adopting. First of all, It was FREAKIN' ARKANSAS, and in actuality what those pinhead, cousin marrying bigots did was pass an amendment so that no unmarried couples of any sexual preference could become foster parents or adoptive parents. They did this because it was the only way they could conceivably legally keep gay people out of foster care and take away their rights to adopt. So fearful and frothy in their religious righteousness are these inbred cretins that they sacrifice the safety, well-being and future happiness of hundreds if not thousands of children, all in an effort to take away the rights of gay people to start and have a family.

In their defense, after coming back from commercial and presumably after the fact checkers in the control room managed to, I don't know, check some facts, and after Barbara Walters' arterial flow problem was properly adjusted, they did correctly state that the amendment was passed in Arkansas, without any explanation as to what the amendment actually was or why it meant anything, followed by another story wherein Sherri Shepherd hangs out with gay people when she's not, not having premarital sex and simultaneously condemning those who do.

And if this is how badly wrong a group of seemingly intelligent (and Sherri Shepherd) and reasonably well-informed (and Sherri Shepherd) bunch of women in television with access to news (and whatever they do on FOX) get the facts of this story, I guess it's no surprise that something as ugly as Proposition Hate managed to pass with all those voters in rural California.

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