Sunday, November 09, 2008

I'm In Hell

I trust you remember last month, when Riley decided to completely demolish my eyeglasses. I ended up scraping together what turned out to be my last bit of available credit to have a new pair made up. Not wanting to take a chance, I erred on what I thought was the side of caution, and kept the new pair in their case, under my meds and a bag of quarters I keep to do laundry with.

At the end of last week I left the house for about 40 mins. to do said laundry. I also moved my bag of meds to the coffee table, so I wouldn't forget to take them when I came back with some breakfast.

In case the picture is not illustrative enough, Riley took the opportunity to dig out my new glasses, in the case, and completely destroy them. That black object in the middle is what's left of the glass case, and the shiny twisted pieces on either end is the metal plate inside the case. He also climbed up on my desk and pulled my wallet off. Somehow he got inside and took out all my credit cards and ID. He completely chewed up one of my cards. I included my cell phone in the picture because he also chewed off the antennae, but that was on another day. You can add a shoe and two different belts to the tab as well

I completely lost my shit, screaming at him and shaking the chewed up objects in his face as he cowered on the bed. I also spanked his butt. I'm not proud of that, but it's what happened. My reaction was completely over the top, and I shocked even myself how angry I got. It wasn't until later, after calming down, that I realized I was really angry because I knew I couldn't afford to replace the glasses. I can't afford much of anything right now beyond enough groceries and dog food to keep us going. There's nothing extra.

And I'm embarrassed about that and sick of living hand to mouth.

I called my parents right after it happened, mostly to vent, which I did. Surprisingly they generously offered to pay for a replacement pair. Even more surprisingly, they immediately sent a check overnight mail for twice what I needed. I have some theories for why that is, but that might have to be another whole post. And while I accepted the check most happily, I also have understandably mixed feelings about needing my mom and dad to give me cash at my age.

If I can't get Riley to stop chewing up my things, I have decided he will have to be penned up in the kitchen whenever I'm gone. And we will both hate that.

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