Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I snapped this park rat yesterday afternoon. I was out taking some last minute pictures as I'm entering a photography contest put on by one of the local neighborhood associations.

Ugh. I got nothin' right now. Everything is up in the air and on hold and I'm completely aware that Thanksgiving week was/is not going to present the opportunity to resolve any of it.

Squirrels and mice are the current objects of Riley's obsession. If he sees squirrels in the park before I do he practically yanks my arm off trying to get them. Ditto for rats (!) and mice if he hears them rustling in the leaves. Our late night 1 am walk is actually just Riley running from garbage to garbage trying to rustle up "mouses" to chase after. I think it's because we have at least one mouse on the loose in the apartment. If he hears any rustling from in the kitchen at night he is out of bed like a shot until he is satisfied all is well. I kind of wish he would catch the little fucker but I don't expect Riley is clever enough for that. But he's obviously a born hunter and tracker and seems to love the search. I'd love to figure out some "games" that we could play outside that would challenge his skills.

I will try to be back later with a Thanksgiving post. If I don't get the chance have a happy one. Don't eat too much.

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