Sunday, November 23, 2008

No Ebay Comics For Sale

Either I'm pricing them badly or I'm not putting together very enticing ads or it's true that nobody is interested in buying 1980's comic books, but since nothing is selling I'm not going to be putting any more comics up on E-Bay. Instead I've started making one more attempt at putting together a comprehensive list of all the comics I own and selling the entire collection at once. Hopefully, since I live in NYC and there are several large comics and collectible businesses in the area someone will be interested and get me a decent price.

The cell phone and one of the notebook speakers sold however.

Riley has been pretty good and I have become more careful about what I leave out for him to chew up. Which is why yesterday afternoon I left him alone for about four hours as I took a class and went to a Gay-A meeting, thinking all was well. While I was gone he pulled six pouches of dog food I purchased off from a shelf in the kitchen and took them into my bed. Where he proceeded to tear open and eat all six of them. And though he did eat them all he also made a horrible meaty food mess all over the bed spread, that had dried to a delightful hard crust before I got home. It was so ridiculous I couldn't even get mad. I only got pretend mad and scolded him until he skulked off in a corner and showed the appropriate shame. Then I turned around and laughed.

I have to go now. I have a lot of meat-flavored bedding in the laundry to finish.

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