Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Movie Review: Yummy!

I saw Kick-Ass over the weekend. I never read the comic it was based on, but being a comic book geek I was naturally thoroughly entertained. The acting was uniformly good, and they found a way to make Nick Cage's freaky delivery work, much the same way they did when he starred in Raising Arizona. The trick is to have him play a character that is so "out there" that his completely baffling line readings actually seem to make sense. I'm predicting that Hit Girl will be a hot costume this year for Halloween. Of course the main highlight was enjoying Aaron Johnson, playing the earnest and sensitive, and curiously wildly sexy everyman "superhero" Dave. In the movie Dave is a teenager, but actor Aaron is all of 20, so enjoy these ab-tastic pictures.

And go see Kick-Ass!

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