Friday, April 16, 2010

Follow-Up To Arkansas Gay Parent Ban

I wrote a couple of posts in 2008-09 regarding Act 1, the Arkansas measure that was passed barring same-sex couples from adopting or fostering children. I said at the time that it was a shameful law based solely in hate, and that it was a horrible thing to do to children in need of good homes. Turns out, in a lawsuit filed and won by the ACLU, it was also found to be unconstitutional.

"The ACLU filed its complaint against the law, known as Act 1, in December 2008. Plaintiffs participating in the case included a lesbian couple who adopted an Arkansas foster child before Act 1 was passed and would like to open their home to a second special needs child, a grandmother who was barred by Act 1 from adopting her own grandchild and several married heterosexual couples who would have been prohibited by Act 1 from arranging for certain friends or relatives to adopt their children if they die or become incapacitated."

It's just a shame that hatred and ignorance run so deep in Arkansas that they managed to get this law passed and enacted. Surprising, considering how many moms are their own cousin's sister-wife around there.

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