Friday, April 02, 2010

Feast Or Famine

My 2nd job, where I made some pretty good money over a week and a half, has tuned out not to be the answer to my prayers. The space is not booked for all of April. Why they found it necessary to hire me for what was in effect three shifts is kind of a mystery. And it's not to say they won't be booked quite a bit in May, June and beyond. Assuming I am available and haven't found full-time work by then I will certainly take it. But I was ready to put in some full time hours now and get some of my old credit card debt paid off and put away for good.

To make matters even more nail-biting, this week there were no bookings for my other part-time catering service either. By the end of the week I had partially convinced myself that they were mad I had taken a 2nd position and weren't calling me on purpose. But I think I've over-estimated my importance in anyone's mind but my own. This morning they called and booked me up for all of next week. And just to solidify my availability and desire to be a team player, I agreed to work some lame breakfast on Easter Sunday morning early. 8 am early. Which means I leave for work at 7. Which means I'm up at THE LATEST by 5:30.

Oy, the things I do for money.

Oh, and my new boss at my new job told me at the end of my last shift that I needed to get new reading glasses, which I use to see the cash register keys, as they are speed-labeled. He told me the ones I have make me look old. OLD! -FML (I hate people)

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