Friday, March 05, 2010

Work, Bitch

Compared to what I've been living through in January and February, my phone is ringing off the hook. I had a job interview on Monday that was horrible. The rude fucker actually took two phone calls while we were meeting and stifled a yawn right in my face while I was answering a question. I swear, the next interviewer that answers his phone after asking me something is going to get his Crackberry snatched out of his hand and hurled in to a wall. Not that it will get me a job but I doubt he'll ever do it again.

Yesterday I had a much better interview that I am hopeful about, and I have another set for tomorrow afternoon. They are both part-time, temp work doing parties and events which is what I'm doing now, but if I have to string together two part-time jobs to make one full work week, well then I'll count myself lucky versus all the people who still can't get any work at all.

And just this afternoon I got a schedule of bookings for next week for my current temp job and I'm booked every day next week except Sunday.

It will be nice to make some good money.

UPDATE: Holy crap! I don't know what changed but I now have two more interviews set up for the next few days. That makes 5 in one week. Up from zero for months now. Months.

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