Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Embarrassment Of Riches

Two, count 'em two job offers this week. One of which is actually quite crappy which I will decline and one of which I accepted. Although it is part time, I guess two part time jobs equals one actual job. In a roundabout way. Dunnit? I also got a call from a recruiter looking to fill two other positions. One I declined immediately as it would involve an emphasis on beer. And since I never cared for beer even when I was actively alcoholic, and I certainly don't give a rats ass about beer and hops and barley and all that crap now, it seemed silly to even put in for it. The other is actually a new direction for me, and one that I may not really pursue, even if I thought it could go somewhere, but I'm interested in the possibilities so I am more than happy to "take a meeting". One never knows ... do one?

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