Monday, March 29, 2010

Bit Of A Disappointment

I've decided I will not be posting any more entries expressly for the University of Central Florida HIV studies course. I had hoped that it would provide something akin to a pen pal or blogger pal relationship with at least a couple of the students. I envisioned they would be writing blog posts that dealt in a meaningful way with HIV and how it impacts and affects young people in this country. I also assumed I would be able to take on the mantle of experienced mentor. At least providing them access and info to the life and experiences that are more typical of someone who has been "recently" (meaning not 10 or 20 years ago) diagnosed, and what treatment is like today in this country.

Unfortunately nothing even remotely like that occurred. While I attempted to leave a few comments on their posts in the beginning, it was most definitely not reciprocal. I have not seen any evidence that they are reading this blog, not even the posts I tried to compose expressly for the class. And it's becoming increasingly obvious, as I've been following what they are attempting to communicate, that I really have nothing to contribute to whatever the hell they are talking about.

Nothing ventured ...

But the upshot of all this is that I will be putting back links to some of my more "adult" content. Some of them I removed (voluntarily) in an effort to protect the burgeoning and possibly delicate sensibilities of impressionable students.

In other word, I'm dropping out of school and will re-dedicate myself to my chosen field of studies, naked Latins with impressive cocks and hot asses.

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