Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No Like!

Today I:

Went to credit card court for an account that frankly, I don't actually remember having. Which is not to say that I didn't but it was during the years before I got sober and things are a little ... vague. Anyway, the case was adjourned until June so maybe there is a way to outsmart the collection agency that I will discover in the interim.

Went to the dentist for a cleaning and had to sit in the waiting room for over 45 minutes, so bored I ended up falling asleep. They usually come out after 20 minutes just to say sorry you are waiting and such but they just let me nod out in a chair. RUDE.

De-friended my first Facebook "friend", who posted a link to (and proudly joined) some organization vowing to "take back" the country from that evil black devil Obama and all those Democratic tools of Satan who had the nerve to pass a bill that will aid 10's of millions of Americans for years to come. I have no intention of suffering that kind of nonsense with Facebook, and if you post blatantly offensive (to me) content (which is saying quite a lot, actually) I will bounce your right-wing, paranoid, hateful ass so fast it will make your vagina spin.

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