Thursday, October 22, 2009


This afternoon I had a lunchtime meeting as a member of the Community Advisory Board for Callen-Lorde. A bunch of monitors from one of the state HIV/AIDS funding agencies were in the area and they wanted to meet with members of the CAB, as well as health care providers, administrators and other clients to get a read on where the money is going, how it can be better spent etc. So they buy us sandwiches and Snapple and ask us a bunch of questions regarding the services we use, how we like them, where we can suggest improvements. Kind of a dog and pony show, as I'm sure that they have to generate these reports to secure the funding, and the agencies have to issue these reports to justify getting tax dollars every year. Still it's nice to be able to participate in the process.

After that I was bicycling back across town, planning to stop off at the gym before heading home. I am due at work in New Jersey late this afternoon. As I was enjoying the blue sky and warm breeze, it occurred to me that considering it's late October and the trees have already started to turn color and shed leaves, we may not have another sunny day in the 70's for a few months, and perhaps going inside to the gym would not be the best use of my time.

I've been feeling a little guilty lately as I feel like Riley needs a lot more activity than I've been able to provide. When I take him for a walk he frequently bursts out of the front door, off the porch and down to the sidewalk. His walk usually consists of him tugging me back and forth along the sidewalk, him hunting for scraps of food or the occasional live mouse. Once in a while I am able to get him out to the basketball courts across the street, providing school isn't in session, and we have a nice game of catch, not to be confused with fetch, as Riley doesn't bring the ball back. He chases it down and then waits for you to come and retrieve it. To his credit, he does easily give the ball up to start the process again.

So today rather than spend my afternoon inside the gym I biked back home and picked up a ball and Riley. We walked down to Tompkins Square Park and spent about 45 minutes playing with other rambunctious pooches and having a nice session of catch. I came home in time to write a quick post, change my clothes and grab a quick snack before I have to peddle back across town to the PATH to NJ. Riley is sacked out on the couch, sound asleep already.

Time well spent.

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