Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New York City Health Dept. Ignores HIV Prevention In Young People

In a September hearing with the New York City Council and officials from the Health Department as well as various HIV/AIDS services organizations, figures were released that showed HIV diagnosis numbers for under 30 MSM were rising. There were 430 reported cases in 2001 and 592 in 2008.

In response, the assistant commissioner for the Bureau of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control at the health department has unleashed ... wait for it .. "some Internet programs, and we have some survey instruments that are out there for young MSM... where they congregate, and these are things that have been done in the last 15 months."

That's right folks, nothing to worry about. The Health Department is taking a survey, But they haven't gotten any of the survey data back yet so for now, in 15 months time, that's all they have accomplished.

Your tax dollars in action. Read here.

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