Monday, June 16, 2008

We Be Illin'

The pooch and I were both sick this weekend.

Jet had another appointment at the vet. His leaking dog-pee problem turned out not to be cured after almost two weeks of antibiotics, so I signed him up for more tests. He had some blood work done and I had to bring in a urine sample to test. Have you ever tried to collect a dog's urine? If it's a girl dog, it's all pretty much a question of timing and getting a container below the squat. Not so simple with a boy. If I so much as bumped him trying to get a sample he automatically stopped. And it's not like an udder you can grab hold of and squirt. And people give you the oddest look as you gingerly sneak up on your peeing dog with a little Tupperware bowl. I finally set up a couple of nice bank shots off a building and a tree and collected enough for what I hoped was a good sample. It was. And even though the test results aren't back, the new medication the vet prescribed seems to have done the trick and my bed and couch are finally dry.

Unfortunately, during the walk before the vet Jet managed to get a hold of a hunk of chicken that had fallen out of the trash. I grabbed some of it out of his mouth but he had already swallowed a nice chunk. I had a bad feeling right away as it has been so hot lately and I had no idea how long the chicken had been in the garbage. Sure enough, by Saturday at 5 A.M. Jet started throwing up and before he was done he puked in the bedroom and on the couch. Then he started loosing control of the hole at his other end. All. over. The kitchen. It was delightful to wake up to.

As for myself, I've been feeling fatigued and lightheaded for a couple of days, and by Saturday afternoon I had wicked heartburn and then a sore throat. By the time I went to bed Saturday I had a headache and by the time I woke up, a cough and sniffles. By this morning, I woke up with sinus congestion and a swollen-red right eye. And I sounded like Lauren Bacall. But I was determined to make a day off of it so I still managed to get in a little shopping (never too sick for shopping), an afternoon Gay-A meeting (I feel asleep), and a trip to the gym for some cardio and light weights.

And now that the weekend is almost over we are both on the mend and feeling much improved. Just in time to go back to work.

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