Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hey, Is That A Lobster In Your Pants Or ...

June 17, 2008 -- A cook at Brooklyn's famed Junior's Restaurant was charged with larceny yesterday after co-workers caught him with 15 frozen lobster tails stuffed down his pants and into bandages around his legs, cops said.

Prep cook Raymundo Flores, 40, was spotted in a walk-in freezer by colleague Adam Marks, allegedly taking lobster tails and stuffing them under the bandages early Sunday afternoon. After Marks alerted co-worker Joe Hanson, both men stopped Flores and called 911.

Police arrived and found the 15 tails hidden on Flores, whom they arrested.

Authorities said that staff at Junior's - where twin lobster tails sell for $29.95 - had recently noticed lobster tails missing from the freezer.

Flores, a Manhattan resident, was freed without bail after being arraigned yesterday in Brooklyn Criminal Court on charges of petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. He also lost his job. -via New York Post

(Ed. - And henceforth, he will carry the unfortunate jailhouse moniker "Lobster Pants".)

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