Monday, February 11, 2008

Y'awl Is A Idiot, Y'awl

So I'm watching a DVR episode of America's Best Dance Crew while I'm having some lunch. Great idea, like the format, love the dancing. Although would it kill them to have found a crew full of lightly muscled Latin boys? I'm just sayin'...

But the reason I'm making a rare double post today is about the judges. Specifically Shane Sparks, who achieved a certain notoriety judging and choreographing for So You Think You Can Dance. I watched him many times on that show without noticing it, so why the hell is MTV letting him say "Y'awl" every two seconds? He substitutes it when he means "you guys" or "you" and "your". He starts and ends sentences with "y'awl" and drops it in the middle of things where it clearly doesn't mean anything at all. Aside from sounding like a freakin' idiot, do we really need even more teenagers running around thinking this kind of thing passes for basic English? Why don't we just pass out millions of Burger King applications and get it over with?

Seriously. I want to throw a lamp at the TV. Make him stop, MTV.

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