Monday, February 18, 2008

That's Unfortunate

There's a restaurant in my neighborhood that completely puzzles me. It has always been a Chinese food place of some sort or another. And yet, for at least the last ten years all or part of it keeps closing down for renovations. Sometimes the name changes, sometimes not. Sometimes the smaller "to-go" section closes and re-opens as an Asian bakery or tea shop. For a while I honestly wasn't sure what that side was. There was an unintelligible chalkboard out on the sidewalk that eventually became worn away and meaningless. Sometimes the restaurant part closes for renovations and re-opens and I can't determine what has changed. Sometimes they seem to be offering more sushi than strictly Chinese. I'm not entirely sure whatever goes on in there is altogether legal at this point. It could be an elaborate ruse for money laundering or puppy smuggling.

So I wasn't too suprised when once again, several weeks ago I walked by to find newsapaper covering the windows and another "closed for renovation" sign put up. This time the entire main room seems to be going under the knife. It wasn't until two weeks ago that I came home from work and noticed that a brand new awning had been installed. It seems that the Chinese food menu is being renovated to offer mostly vegetarian fare this time.

Without looking it up, I think it's safe to say that the awning cost several hundred dollars if not closer to $1000 to have made. That's not even counting the cost of the installation, labor, etc. And I'm not sure what made me notice, I guess it was that glaringly obvious. But if that's the case how come nobody at the awning shop, from the restaurant or even on the street before it went up noticed this:

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