Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spoiled Brat

Ugh! I had a little snit at work tonight. I was working with a manager that can be extremely immature and very passive/aggressive. Unfortunately he seems to bring out those very qualities in myself. And it makes me even angrier because I'm trying to be the bigger girl these days.

So tonight he arbitrarily closed the kitchen and then the downstairs bar and locked the front door a full two hours early. Not that I haven't locked up before the "official" time myself, but there was easily 20 or more people still inside the venue and a live band that had another set to do. On top of that, he never advised me he had decided to close, nor did he apparently let the bartender at the main bar know either. I ordered some dinner and the bartender ordered food for a customer that we both didn't have a prayer of getting, considering the kitchen staff was already in the locker room changing to go home. It wasn't until I went to ask the other manager what made him close down two hours early in the middle of the week that I found him downstairs closing the bar with the front door already locked. Now mind you, technically he doesn't answer to me at all, but in the interest of running a business well, I would never do something like that without, at the very least, letting the other manager know. When I realized what happened I was so put out, and yes, pissed off, that I just put my coat on and left without saying anything. My feeling at the time was if he didn't need me to consult when or if we should close the entire venue, why the hell should I stay around an extra hour or two just to make sure the paperwork was done and the accounting was correct? Obviously, my input isn't needed. And while I do care about what happens to the business, I don't like being taken for granted or used. While I feel my actions were understandable and completely justified, in retrospect I feel a little childish. Like I grabbed my toys and went home. Also, getting angry and resentful feels like a step backward and sets off a couple of warning bells for me. Maybe tomorrow I should just say what I think and clear the air. Part of me is afraid it will make him even more passive/ aggressive towards me. He doesn't take criticism at all well. Still, those would be his issues and not mine. Right?

I know, I owe you a recovery story. I'm having trouble getting it started. Patience.

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