Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This N That

Just got back from a walk with Riley and noticed that the daffodils have begun to break out from their nap. No actual flowers but the plants seemingly burst out over night. This makes me quite happy.

I spent part of the weekend cleaning the apartment. One room a day got a thorough scrubbing. Furniture moved, floors swept and mopped, appliances wiped down. My bedroom was particularly grubby. I suppose because it's pretty much a no man's land, meaning no man has been in there in well over a year.

Haven't heard anything regarding the two good interviews I had last week, but I wasn't expecting to until at least today. I'm waiting on a phone call from some recruiter I sent my info to that contacted me this morning. I swear, if it's for a management job at that damn Bubba Gump's again I may hurt someone. They've already contacted me twice and then turned me down both times. I don't want to be one of 83 managers it seems to take to run a restaurant, and I don't want to sell your damn scrimps.

Of course, since I have no sex, no life, and no sex life, I watched Dancing With The Stars as they kicked off a new season last night. My reactions:

Poor Woz.

And say goodbye to the rodeo cowboy. While a case could be made that the "Teletubby gone mad" was equally inept, the legions of Mac Heads will save their god at least for the first week, meaning Ty Murray will be the first to go. And Li'l Kim giving a shout out to the friends she made in prison was classic.

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