Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ya Thrill Me When Ya Drill Me

I am off to the dentist in just a little bit. I am about to complete a series of visits starting out with the aforementioned deep, under the gum tooth scraping, followed by the single filling I ended up needing and now culminating in the final procedure where I finally submit to the dreaded root canal. Considering I used to be absolutely terrified of the dentist and indeed avoided going for upwards of 10 years at a clip, this is all pretty amazing. Not only have I conquered my general fear of dental visits, but I actually almost nodded off during one of the tooth scraping sessions.

Still, I'm a little twitchy about this root canal. I have looked up the procedure online and while the description is a little off-putting, I have decided to go with my dentist, who swears it can be done painlessly, and my dad, who claims it sounds really bad but "is no big deal". Mostly, I've decided that since the procedure is covered by ADAP (another wonderful side-benefit to being HIV+, I swear, had I known all the fabulous prizes you get I would have done this years ago!) I'll just stop being such a pussy and get my root canal-ed *snicker* and be done with it.

UPDATE: Part one of the root canal is finished. It didn't hurt at all.

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