Friday, July 11, 2008

Jet Is Better

By the time I was headed for home that night it was around 2:40 am and I had worked myself into a horrible state. I'm not given to melodrama as a rule, but I was really afraid I had made a mistake and I would arrive to find Jet sick and suffering under the bed or even worse. I ran up all five flights of stairs and pushed open the door. To my relief, there at the far end of the hallway stood my boy, up on his feet and wagging the nub where his tail used to be. I almost burst into tears. I sat down in the kitchen and pulled his face up to mine and hugged him.

"You feel OK?"

He seemed much better. I opened up the bottle of Pedialyte I bought him. I had heard that it was good for dogs if they were dehydrated. I poured about half the bottle in his bowl. Even though it looks like water and this particular brand was packaged as "flavorless" Jet knew immediately I hadn't given him water. He sniffed it and rejected it immediately. I put several ice cubes in the bowl to get him interested, which worked enough that he drank about half. More to make me happy it seemed.

Then he made for the door as if he was ready for a walk. That made me feel much better. He was by no means his peppy self, but he was at least up and interested. I noticed he was no longer gagging either. Although he did manage to cough up something green and nasty on my bed sheet while I was at work. Why he insists on bringing up the grossest things in my bed .... Maybe because it's the only interesting thing that happens there these days. In any case, we went for a nice walk around two blocks and he got up the stairs all on his own. Slowly, but he did fine. I think he was just worn out from being sick.

Once I got him upstairs and smothered in more kisses, I grabbed a snack for myself and settled on to the couch, at which point he surprised me again by nudging my hand with his nose, using the sign language we worked out meaning "Hungry". I dropped my own food and made for the kitchen to fix him a bowl. He ate it all at once. No gagging. No retching.

And then he slept on the bed curled up right next to me all night long. In the morning he "asked" for some more food.

I'll finish out his antibiotics and make sure he gets more Pedialyte when it gets particularly humid out. And once he runs out of medication I'll bring him in for more lab work. But for now I think he, we, are going to be fine.

And thanks for asking guys.

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