Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shake Your Love

I slept like the dead the last two nights. I'm just pretty run down. I have been trying to get a little more exercise, at least three days a week, and I did just get a fresh round of blood work done, so if anything is amiss (doubtful) I'll find out soon.

- Deborah Gibson at L.A. Pride. 2007

Be that as it may, we'll be having a special guest host for our Everything 80's Karaoke Night tonight, and if you're in New York City you are welcome to come by, there are tables still available. Deborah (formerly Debbie) Gibson will be having dinner, hosting and performing live, and there's no cover charge to get in. That's right, FREE! You do need to have dinner if you want a table but you could always come by for drinks and it's only $10 to sing live on our stage and make an appearance on the 40 foot tall jumbotron high over Broadway. Only In My Dreams you say? Not so! Relive your Electric Youth and join Long Island-born Deborah right before she begins a three week engagement at Harrah's in Atlantic City during May.

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