Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Office Decor

I decided to spend a very small amount of money and a bit more energy and spruce up my office just a tad. I actually share a bullpen office of sorts with all the restaurant/nightclub managers, There was a whiteboard on the wall near my head that was recently confiscated by the owner. It was a glorified giant note pad so I'm sure it's being put to better use now. I couldn't resist a blank wall so close to my line of vision, so I brought in a wall clock I had sitting on a shelf at home. Yesterday I did a little thrift shopping and found hundreds of albums (remember those?) on some shelves in a store on 2nd Ave. I took about 40 minutes before I had a collection I thought I liked. I have no idea who Art Mooney (middle, right) is but I loved the woman and the CHACHACHA graphic on the album cover. None of them was over $3.00. Kind of a cute message all-purpose board and I can change them out when I get sick of them. The dollar bills on the wall are what I charge one of the nightclub door people every time he borrows a pen from me.

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