Monday, May 24, 2004

My Weekend (Part 2, The Filthy Stuff)

Warning: This post contains sexually explicit material. If you are not comfortable reading that please feel free to skip this section. If you are a good friend who doesn't need to know this information, feel free to skip it. If you're a pervy piggy, enjoy.

So Tuesday was all about hitting some bars. Wednesday was upon me and half a weekend to go. Laundry or any housekeeping was out of the question although I did re-pot some house plants so I guess that counts as keeping house. (yawn) I'm idly surfin' and jerkin' when suddenly, an e-mail comes in. Would I be interested in attending a sex party scheduled for this very night? It's in a private space downtown with a discretionary but not restrictive door, everyone invited is HIV+ (look at me, in an exclusive club I could have done without) and the party starts early in the evening and goes 'till 4am. Would eye? Would eye? Peg leg! Peg leg! So I dutifuly answer in the affirmative and just like that, my night's planned. If they could only all be this simple.

The rest of the night was spent ...... I know .... sex please.

I will say that I put on my rarely used jockstrap since this was a special occasion and because while I'm totally comfortable naked many times you arrive at a party like this and jocks and underware are the norm, at least at first, so it pays to be prepared. I set out about 11pm for the lower east side address. That was a guesstimate as the party had "started" at 6 and the door would close at 1am. Start being a relative term with gay men. I once made the mistake of going to a party like this once a few years ago. I arrived on time, only to find the hosts still running to the store for supplies and clearing furniture and making refreshments, etc. The party didn't actually "start" for over two hours at which point I was ready to leave from the crushing boredom. On this night I arrived about 11:30 and after confirming I was "on the list" *snicker* I was invited to check my clothes. I'm so happy I have no hang-ups about getting naked. I imagine that is an uncomfortable moment for some people. I just strip. You know what? If you see anything you haven't before, shoot it.

Once inside, it was a fairly large space, lots of wrestling mats (padding is key) strewn about. Some furniture, fencing, a sling (yahoo!), a couple of other play spaces. There seemed to be about 20-25 men total wandering about. There was a cute little Latin up in the sling. A guy had worked half his hand up his ass, but it didn't look like the whole thing was going to make it. I worked my way into one of the play areas where a hot light-skinned bald black man was being swarmed. I got behind him and pulled my jock down. I was intending to just start playing around, get the ball rolling so to speak. Next thing I know one of the guys working the black guy's nipple jumped on my candy and hoovered it into his mouth. Cool. I let him suck me till I was hard while another guy eventually started licking my balls. Hey whatever's clever, huh? Anyway while the guy that was sucking my cock was working me, another guy had walked up behind him and started a half-hearted (it seemed) fuck. All the while looking at me like "See, I'm fucking him ya see?" I just closed my eyes and let it go. Eventually I was ready to move on and had to physically pull this guy off my dick. Twice, as he wasn't reading my signal. I had another nice looking (I guess) guy suck me off for a while. What he lacked in technique he made up for in enthusiasm but after about 10 minutes I could tell I wouldn't be able to get off with this one. Not that I was ready to anyway. It was then I spotted a hot blond with a gorgeous round butt bent over a chair getting fucked. And while I usually avoid the white boys as a rule I had one thought when I spotted that ass. Gimme! Once bachelor number one was finished I lubed up a tad and pushed in for glory. Sweet jesus his ass felt good. I must have been feelin ok to him as well as I got a nice moan on the all the way in spot. I held it there. Pressed up against him I felt the union of two bodies and the primal feeling it unlocks. I bent over his back and bit him on the shoulder. Then I started to fuck him. Slowly, then faster, than harder. I pulled all the way out only to plunge back in two, three, four times. I buried myself all the way in and then humped up against him, making him feel me deep inside repeatedly. It was hot. But I wasn't ready to cum just yet so eventually I disengaged, patting his ass as I walked away. There was another guy lining up right behind me. I repeated that scenario with four other men. Three other guys sucked my cock in between fucking. I was pretty popular this night I must admit. I figured out why pretty quickly. I wasn't drunk or high. The only chemicals in me were the anxiety meds, vitamins, viagra and aspirin for the viagra headache. This left me in the moment with a great big stiffy that a lot of the guys there couldn't manage. One guy literally sat down on a couch, so drunk he wasn't even bothering to hold in his white bread and pasta gut and passed out, naked at a sex party sitting up. Why bother? Either I'm getting liquored up and useless or naked and shooting. So me and my viagra cock where a coveted prize. A fact I used to my full advantage. Eventually, I found that little Latino from the sling, now on a couch getting fucked. I waited off to the side till the guy fucking him had finished at which point my new friend flipped over onto all fours and wiggled that cute brown butt at me. You don't have to tell me twice. Eventually I had him back on his back and was fucking him while the other guy jerked off and blew a hot load in his face. So, so dirty. That was fun. The only "bad" experience of the whole night was the one time this skinny brown haired man started sucking me till I got hard again at which point he pulled the "doggie flip" as well. I climbed on and went in. Only this time I felt absolutely nothing. This man's ass was so loose that my cock barely registered. And while I never have claimed to be huge there's plenty of "there" there so for me to feel nothing. Egads! I wanted out as soon as I was in and fucked him half heartedly for a few minutes before I moved on. The other was the aforementioned hoover. Somehow he had managed to get a mouthful of me again until he decided for his next trick he was gonna shove me up his ass as if I'd be like, "how'd this middle-aged bottom get here? Oh well, I guess I'll fuck him." I literally had to pull my cock away from his hole. I wandered around here and there. Three of the "hottest" guys went off by themselves. Fuck it, though. I don't worry about such things. I can key into another guy in a roomful of guys. You wanna watch, no skin off my ass. I watched another guy jerk a guy off. No sucking or fucking just lube and stroking. It was totally hot when the guy getting jerked off threw his head back and shot. It was then I saw one of our patrons. I guess he's around my age but he's shorter and much more muscular then me. I wondered what he looked like naked and as it turns out he's got a hot bod and a respectable though not huge dick. Filed under things to remember. I was thinking about leaving when I wandered back to the sling. I hadn't seen the guy that was in it before, he must have been a late arrival. 6'2 short, dark, military haircut, a couple of tatts. Nice bod and not real hairy with a shaved hole craving some attention. Yeesssssss. This was the one. Like the Three Bear's Porridge of asses. Not too hot, not too cold, this ass was just right. I fucked deep and slow. I grabbed the chains on the sling and rocked him back and forth on my dick. At one point my feet were off the ground with both of us in the air. Me grinding my cock deep up his ass. I looked in his eyes. He smiled. That did it. I pulled out and gave my cock four or five fast strokes then damn, I brought one up from my toes as all the muscles in my abdomen tensed and I shot for what felt like two full minutes. Mini spasms that followed felt fucking fantastic. I was vaguely aware that off to my left someone had cum at the same time I did. I love that. When I finally came back to Earth, I plodded over to the bathroom, cleaned up in the sink and headed to collect my clothes. My final fuck came out to buy a soda and he looked as good standing up. I think a little smile played across my face as I thought, "Yeah, I just tore me off a piece of that." I said my goodnites and headed for home. The next night at work I was dragging my ass the entire time. "She's all fucked out." I said to no one in particular.

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