Sunday, January 11, 2009

Potions And Notions Every Day

Thought I would share a list of all the medications and supplements I take every day, just to keep this operation running. It should be noted that some of the vitamins and supplements I take are voluntary not mandatory, but I think it's pretty typical of someone that's HIV+. Maybe my readers will contradict that, we'll see.

Usually about an hour or so after I wake up:

Keletra - 4 pills
Epzicom - 1 pill (this is a combination of two meds)
About 1/2 hour after taking these meds I have an intense wave of nausea sometimes followed by stomach cramps. The nausea lasts about another 1/2 hour but will go away on it's own or immediately if I eat something.

Loperamide - 1 pill (The Kaletra causes chronic diarrhea, and this prescription Imodium lessens that problem considerably. Also my diet makes a big difference but without the Loperamide I would spend half my afternoon in the bathroom.)
Lexapro - 1/2 of 1 pill (This was prescribed for me to treat General Anxiety Disorder back when I was still an active alcoholic. I've considered cutting it out but because I take such a low dose and I suffer absolutely no side effects I figure why fix what ain't broken.)
Lipitor - 1 pill (high cholesterol)

I usually eat 1/2 hour to an hour after this and with my breakfast/lunch I take:

1 packet of K-Pax - 4 pills (vitamin mega-dose)
Ferrous Sulfate - 1 pill (iron supplement for anemia)
Fish Oil (Omega 3)- 2 pills
Aleve - 2 pills (arthritis pain in both knees and plantar fasciitis in both feet)

After I shower I apply a topical dose of Minoxidil to treat the (not so) bald spot on my head

Every day I apply a topical dose of Androgel -(testosterone supplement)

Before bed I take:

Fish Oil - 2 pills
Zinc tablet - 1 pill
Loperamide - 1 pill

Another topical dose of Minoxidil

All told that's 21 1/2 pills (I WIN!), plus three topical applications every day throughout the day. It sounds like a lot, but you sort of learn to incorporate them in to your routine. Plus, I'm not at all shy about taking whatever medication or supplement I need wherever I happen to be. No one has ever asked me about it, and if they did I would just answer truthfully. That's what you get for asking I figure. Still, it does sort of explain why I'm always reluctant to add yet another medication if at all possible.

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