Thursday, January 08, 2009

For Sale On EBay

I've put my entire comic book collection up for sale on EBay. All of it. Every mini-series, every graphic novel, everything from Aquaman to Zatanna. I need the money and I could use the space, but mostly I just need the money. Plus, I am and have been oddly disconnected from my comic books for a while now so this isn't as traumatic as I always thought it would be. If you were ever a comic collector you will understand that last sentence.

Anyway, it's about 10 years or more of comics dating from around 1985-1997. A few are older and a couple of the series runs are newer. It's well over 4,000 comics in all. But they all need to go. Hopefully, some collector or store will see the auction and scoop these up.

Here's the link to the EBay auction page if you want to see a complete list of what's for sale. It's pretty extensive.

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