Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hey, Look Who Made It In The Local Fag-Rag!

AS THE HEALTHCARE WAR CONTINUES to rage in Washington, the Callen-Lorde Community Health center in Chelsea continues to do its part as New York’s largest healthcare facility dedicated to LGBT communities and those living with HIV—providing sensitive, quality healthcare and related services regardless of ability to pay. “LGBT people know they can see a medical provider, dentist or therapist at Callen-Lorde who will be knowledgeable about their needs and sensitive in their approach to care,” says Callen-Lorde Executive Director Wendy Stark. It takes a skilled group of medical and mental health staff, dentists, pharmacists, care coordinators, nurses and administrative staff to provide over $4.5 million annually in healthcare, education and outreach for the uninsured but, as Stark points out, the “staff are truly dedicated to our mission—and it shows in the personalized attention they offer to each patient.”

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