Monday, May 10, 2010


I confess. I am cheating on you. I have been focusing all my free writing time on my new relationship with my Facebook friends.

What I intend to do is use this blog to continue to update all the significant (to me) HIV news and treatment issues that I find. I also find Facebook far too limiting when I want to post something that requires a little depth or I need space to put something down in writing to better clarify what's going on in my head.

And I plan on returning this blog to it's semi-dirty, frequently NSFW, roots in the coming months. Not X-rated, but certainly a solid R.

Plus, I've been working pretty much every day for the last two or three weeks, so I really only have time to dash off the quick quip rather than the witty and thoughtful remarks I prefer to put here.

But the bottom line is I have been unfaithful. I apologize. Do I have to sleep on the couch?

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