Sunday, November 22, 2009

OOOOOOOOOoooo Gurrrrl!

I swear to god, if I got dissed and dismissed on television the way Ms. Martha did to Sarah Palin I would curl up under a rock and JUST DIE! I especially love the sarcastic "Good for her!" response when commenting on her book sales.

And while we're posting humorous video, did you happen to see this bit of hilarity from the Miss Gay Brazil pageant? Right after she is crowned and giving her post-pageant interview, an obviously unhappy losing cunt-testant sneaks up and snatches her weave! LIVE on camera!! And check out the look on her face. Bitch IS NOT playin'!

And speaking of bitch fights, it appears by this post that the Senior Smackdown I was promised and was so looking forward to will have to be postponed until sometime in the new year. Note to self: Go for the throat.

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